Why non vegetarianism is wrong

In 2012, 43355 people were murdered in India. That’s a big number.

In 2012, 1.4 billion chickens were slaughtered in India. That’s a slightly bigger number.

Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. More than 3,000 animals die every second in slaughterhouses around the world. These astounding figures don’t even include fish and other sea creatures who are killed in such gigantic numbers that their mass is only measured in tonnes!

Humans seem to believe that the world was created, with its bountiful   supplies, solely for them. This misconception has led humans to think that they can use these supplies in any way they wish.

The cruelty to animals is distressing. The manner in which animals are kept in poultry farms is pathetic. Chickens, for example, are cramped into such minuscule places, that they are never allowed to live a natural life and often never see sunlight except when they’re taken from where they are stored to the butcher shops. Paul McCartney famously said, “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”

Proper nutrition can be derived from the correct vegetarian diet- one doesn’t need to resort to non-vegetarianism. In fact, several meat   products have been shown to have adverse effects on health, causing higher chances of cardiovascular diseases, liver cirrhosis and several forms of   cancers.

Fruits are part of a larger body

Some might wonder that if animals and plants are both living, then why one should only abstain from consuming animals. The reason is very simple- fruits are not parts of the larger body on which they grow, i.e., either a shrub or tree. Their use to the tree is only to attract creatures for pollination, after which the fruits fall off. Vegetables, too are often parts of larger plants which are not killed when the vegetables are harvested. A very crucial difference between animals and plants is that animals have feelings while plants do not.

The Mythbusters, a famous show aired on National Geographic, demonstrated that when the presenters dropped eggs randomly into boiling water in front of a plant, the plant, which was connected to sense current flow through a galvanometer, had no reaction whatsoever, and the show concluded that the theory of plants having feelings, was not true. There have been several other tests performed by various people that culminated in the same result.

Taking the anatomy of humans into consideration, some expert researchers have also deduced, and rather logically too, that humans were inherently herbivores. This claim isn’t baseless. Humans can’t tear flesh with their hands unlike a lion which can with its claws, nor are the so called canine teeth we possess even comparable to the canines in carnivorous animals in terms of their size and sharpness. Our intestines, too, are extremely long- to help digestion, unlike those of carnivores which are short, to allow the quick disposal of all that rotting flesh they eat.

The human species is a very intellectually advanced species when compared to several other species on the Earth. When we can understand complex processes such as the fusion and fission of atoms and rocket science, then why can’t we perceive the pain we inflict on animals when we kill them only to satiate our taste buds?

goat slaughter The vegetarianism versus non-vegetarianism debate is not a new one, and many scholars from various religions have pondered over the questions raised. In Hinduism, Tuesdays and Saturday and often demarcated as days on which no non vegetarian food must be consumed. Ayurveda classifies foods as Satvic, Rajasic or Tamasic. Saatvic foods are described as “pure, natural, vital, energy-containing, clean, and true” and are the only foods accepted as offerings to Gods. They contain no meat products. Rajasic foods are said to neither cause benefit nor harm, while Tamasic foods are said to  cause negative impacts and contain non vegetarian products along with eggs.

Lord Buddha was said to have spoken against meat eating, while many Christians observe abstinence from the consumption of meat during Lent. Several Jewish scholars believe God to have intended man to be vegetarian.

If one delves into the history of Sikhism, one would find it to be said that if killing living beings was considered to be a righteous action, then what would be considered unrighteous? The saint Kabir had said that “If you say that God resides in all, why do you kill a hen?”

Jainism, as a religion, is all for vegetarianism, even condemning the consumption of foods such as root vegetables owing to a large number of micro organisms living on and around those foods.

Some of you might have watched The Bee Movie. It implied that had humans not collected the honey that bees produced, it would have resulted in the stagnation of the activity of bees, leading to a drastic fall in pollination and the subsequent decline in floral population. Bees appeared on the Earth nearly 40 million years ago; man- hardly 2.5 million years ago. Had there been such a catastrophe, I don’t think our species would’ve ever existed.

The reason that I referred to the movie was because similarly, some people claim that were humans not to consume meat, the population of animals would swiftly increase beyond control. What they fail to realise is that many of the animal species now eaten, have been domesticated by man, and are now raised in poultry farms to produce a large number of their kind, for human consumption.

It is estimated, that if the grain fed to animals in western countries were consumed directly by people instead of animals, we could feed at least twice as many people. Considering vegetarianism from an environmental point of view, massive tracts of forest land are cut down to store the gigantic amount of animals produced for meat. Overgrazing by these animals has led to severe soil erosion and the carbon footprints left by the animals tremendously add to global warming.

Vegetarianism is often linked only to the non-consumption of animals, but the very essence of vegetarianism is non-violence- or ahinsa. True vegetarianism can, according to me, only be observed when one abstains from the use of products, derived from massacring animals, such as leather from cows, horns from rhinoceroses and bones from tigers.

tiger_skin Is it fair that murdering a person is a criminal offence by law, but killing certain animals is just another day at work for some people- and that they’re paid for it? So before you call for that favourite non vegetarian dish of yours, think if it is worth shedding the blood of an innocent creature for a few moments of your pleasure.

There are several foods that might help a person eating non vegetarian food, make a transition to vegetarianism without yearning for meat. Find some of them here. Make the change! Please comment if you disagree with anything. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Why non vegetarianism is wrong”

  1. Human life is to gain knowledge that leads to salvation and not to go back and become an animal. This life is not for enjoying pleasureful life but to strive hard and get to next level. Keeping this in mind one can avoid or minimize eating nonveg. Different aspects of why not to eat nonveg is explained in Bhagavad Gita. Nonveg is considered class 3 food… Thamasic. To understand subtle nature of life, one has to be vegetarian. Donkeys can not differentiate a fragrant place and a dirty place. What is our nature? Why can’t we go upwards and not downwards? Who knows when will we get another chance being a human?

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  2. Vegetarians are at high risk of heart disease, and the reasons are complex and only now are we learning the long term effects of this incomplete vegetarian non-scientific diet on Indians over the centuries, thanks to Dr. Yagnik and Dr. Shashank Shah among others, we now know that B12 deficiency elevates Homocysteine, which is one of the reasons for Indians developing premature Coronary heart disease. There are spiritual reasons as well, like rejecting half the food that God has made for human consumption [specifically meats and eggs] and trying to prove oneself cleverer than God by being vegetarian and abstaining from these foods.
    The ill effects of such misguided philosophies like vegetarianism are destroying countless lives in India and the diaspora is only now waking up to these facts. Please read and share if you love India and Indians, return to a complete diet as quickly as possible! https://drspmathew.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/vegetarian-india/


    1. It is really sad to see how you care solely about human health without a thought for any of the animals, sir.
      Humans are fortunate to be able to survive healthily on a vegetarian diet.
      Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that non vegetarian food does not have any ill effects on the human body.
      In that case too, does it justify the murder of innocent beings- especially when we can live without killing them?
      You claim that vegetarians are trying to prove themselves cleverer than God, but who are you to play God and take ones’ life?


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